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"The Family's Journey"

With this website I hope to pass on to you a little about my research along with the rich history of my elder ancestors. This is their story and the journey of their descendants into the Territory of Florida prior to the territory becoming a state in March of 1845.


Although this website is entitled CHANCEY HERITAGE, it is in truth, the story of many families. By birthright, I carry the Chancey surname; however, I am also a descendent of a great many other surname families such as the Severans and Severance, Brooking and Brookins, Walker, Osteen, Williams and the list goes on. Each family, I found, had an equally fascinating history to discover and I’m certain that each family contributed to what I consider to be my proud “Southern Heritage.”


While traveling throughout the southern United States on my quest for information, I heard many great stories about our ancestors from friends and relatives. I received photographs that are irreplaceable if lost, and retrieved copies of documents that have been stored in deep dark basements for the past 150 years. Most of the information uncovered can now be found throughout this site.


It is my sincere wish that you find my ancestor's history and journey throughout these United States as rewarding as I did.


If you find mistakes (which I'm certain you will) and would like to have them corrected, please contact me. Also contact me if you have information that would be of value to others and that you would like to see added.


For reasons of privacy, I try very hard to use only the names of those ancestors that are deceased.


Please choose your starting point from the navigation bar and enjoy.


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